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Request for Cooperation Regarding the Selection of Student Participants for the 2012 ?? Young Leadership Forum
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Opening of the ?? Young Leadership Forum

We are very happy to be hosting the first ?? Young Leadership Forum. The Korea-China Cultural Center believes that cultural exchange and mutual cooperation between Korea and China is important for the future generation of leaders. Thus the hosting of this forum has been made the first event of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China.

Following the modern era, the world was reorganized towards Western-oriented values. The freedom and equality shepherded by industrial society brought about the dual axes of capitalism and democracy. Passing through two world wars, the 20th century came to revolve around the United States and the dollar. Now at the start of the 21st century once again we are reflecting upon the question of which values humanity should hold to in the future. In a world that has become an ever shrinking global village filled with intensified competition and increasing division, we must seek the co-existence and prosperity of humanity. We must search for the means of living happily while caring for the world together.

Hence we selected the theme ???? in the sense of ?living for each other,? which has a slightly different connotation than the oft cited ?win-win? English translation of the term. You and I, not one-on-one trade between individuals, but rather each part of the whole tied together organically, living according to the eternal values. If we were to put it in Western terms, in one word it would be ?love.?

Is there a way for the whole world to be saved? Although this has arisen as a global issue for our young people, let us begin with East Asia. Korea and China have a long history of being neighbors, but surprisingly there has been a lack of mutual understanding and cooperation between the two. For those of the next generation whose outlook on life is formed in their twenties, we hope that they will come to have a greater self-image and make a world in which the world-view is one of ?love thy neighbor as you love thyself.? These are not empty words. Through the development of information and communication technology, this reality is fast approaching.

Although this is but a humble beginning, we hope that the ?? Young Leadership Forum will have big reverberations.

The Founder of the Korea-China Cultural Center, Soh Yeong Roh

Program Schedule and Introduction
 Time: July 15th, 2012 - July 29th, 2012 (15 days, 14 nights)
 Place: Yonsei University Sinchon Campus (Accommodation: SK Global House, Sinchon campus)
 Entry fee : The operating costs of the program will be borne by the Korea-China Cultural Center. There will be no separate fees for selected participants.
 Program schedule
Schedule 7/15(Su) 7/16(M) 7/17(T) 7/18(W) 7/19(R) 7/20(F) 7/21(S)
Morning Field trip(4 days, 3 nights)
- Yeosu Expo, Hanryeosudo, and exploration
of historic cultural sites
such as Andong.
- Activity for promoting friendship
Academic workshop (1):
(Dialogue with scholars)
to experience
Korean daily
life: Traditional
Afternoon Arrival/ Registration
& Orientation
(Sinchon Campus)
Group discussion
Evening cultural event
Schedule 7/22(Su) 7/23(M) 7/24(T) 7/25(W) 7/26(R) 7/27(F) 7/28(S)
Morning Activity to
Korean daily
life: Contemporary
workshop (2):
Dialogue with
workshop (3):
Dialogue with
workshop (4):
Dialogue with
workshop (5):
Dialogue with
Volunteer activity
Afternoon Group discussion Group discussion Group discussion Group discussion Presentations
Evening Cultural event
(Chinese film)
Cultural event
Cultural event
(Korean film)
Closing ceremony
gala night
? 29th (Sunday) tentative departure
Successful Applicants
 10 Korean university students, 10 Chinese university students
 University Student (students currently attending university, including students on a leave of absence)
 Student who has over 1 year of leadership experience through participation in on or off-campus
   extracurricular activities (school club or association, student government, etc.)
 Student who has been recommended for an on-campus student activity
   (Leadership Center, Employment Center, Entrepreneurial Support Group, etc.)
 If major is unrelated to either China or leadership, a student who can participate actively and
   with enthusiasm in the forum.
? As English will be the official language of use during the academic lecture workshop,
    interpretation will be provided.
Required Documents
 1 copy of resume (written in Korean) or (written in Chinese & English)
 1 copy of letter of self-introduction (written in Korean) or (written in Chinese/English)
 1 copy of academic record
 2 letters of recommendation (1 from an individual at the
   university, 1 from an individual outside the university)
 "What is the problem of the world and how can you change it?"
    Compose an English-language essay on the topic above (length should be within 3 A4-sized pages)
? ?There is no separate form for the resume or letter of self-introduction however, the resume must include a photo taken within the past three months. The letters of recommendation -- one from an individual at the university and one from an individual outside of the university -- should be written by someone who possess a good understanding of the applicant's character and potential, and must include a signature.
How to Apply
 Application period: May 1st, 2012 (Tuesday) ~ May 30th, 2012 (Wedneday) until 24:00
  (Deadline has been extended)
 How to submit application: Submit application via e-mail at leadership@yonsei.ac.kr
Send via e-mail attachment 1 copy each of your resume, letter of self-introduction, and English-language essay, making sure to label the subject field of the e-mail and to name your files as detailed below. Scan a copy of your academic record and letters of recommendation and place them into a compressed folder (zip) and attach to the e-mail.

ex) Subject field: NAME_SangsengLeadership_Application
      File name : NAME_SangsengLeadership_Resume
                       NAME_SangsengLeadership_Academic Record
Method of Selection
  Round 1: One to five students recommended by each university
 Round 2: Examination of submitted documents
 Round 3: Student Selection Committee interview (interview will be conducted in English)
? Successful applicants will be notified individually at a later date.
Benefits of Participation
 For those students who have made an exceptional presentation, there will be an opportunity to
   participate in the Beijing Forum being held this coming November.
? Since the founding of the Beijing forum in 2004, this global civilization academic forum has been
    jointly sponsored by the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, Beijing University, and Beijing
    Municipal Education Commission for the "harmony and co-prosperity of civilization."
 For further information please consult our website at www.koreachinaculture.org
   or contact the Yonsei University Leadership Center (02-2123-6692/6681).
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