Profile of Director


President Ro Jae Hun

  • Vice Chairman of SPTek Holdings Co.,Ltd
  • Executive Director of Beautiful Mind Charity
  • Co-Chairman, The New Silk Road Institute
  • Director of Daegu International Musical Festival
  • Foreign Advisor, Chengdu City Municipal Government
  • New York State Lawyer

Kang Won-Taek

  • Professor, Political Science and International Relations, Seoul National University
  • Former Chairman, The Korean Political Science Association
  • Former Chairman, Korean Association of Party Studies
  • Advisory Committee, National Assembly Legislation
  • Former Commitee, Presidential Council for Future & Vision

Kim Bohyoung

  • King&Wood, Malleosn Partner & Korea Team Leader
  • “Highly Recommended” at TMET, The Legal 500
  • New York State Lawyer

Kim Young-hee

  • Vice President, Content Management at MBC
  • CEO, Beijing B&R Production
  • Special Director, Entertainment at MBC
  • the 22nd President, Korean Producers and Directors Association
  • Director, Entertainment at MBC

Kim Hansoo

  • Representative Lawyer, Solus Law Firm
  • Deputy Prosecutor, Ulsan District Prosecutor’s Office
  • Eastern Branch Officer, Busan District Prosecutors’ Office
  • Spokesman, the Ministry of Justice
  • Chief Prosecutor, Financial Tax Investigation at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office

Chung Moon-Hun

  • the 19th Korean National Assembly Member
  • the 17th Korean National Assembly Member
  • Unification Secretary, Presidential Office
  • Research Professor, Peace & Democracy Institute, Korea University

Choi Jae Cheon

  • Representative Lawyer, Heritage Law Firm
  • the 19th Korean National Assembly Member
  • the 17th Korean National Assembly Member
  • Advisor, Kim Dae-jung Peace Center
  • 19th, Judicial Research and Training Institute