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Strategy Cooperation Forum

The aim of this forum is to establish East Asia’s diplomatic ties and provided an occasion for in-depth discussions in preparation for more vibrant economic cooperation, various lecture exchanges and joint research collaborations between East Asian countries and issuance of publications for reinforcement of bilateral relationship.

Cultural Cooperation Forum

This forum aims to develop a business tie-up and joint business related to East Asia culture, business and industry by constructing the Asian culture platform for common development and cooperation of bilateral cultural project, and acting as a bridge for exchange of human resources in the field of East Asia cultural industry, as well as supporting the expert group activity.

Youth Exchange Forum

The objective of this forum is to host the ‘Win-Win Young Leadership Program’ as an exchange program for college students, strengthen the ties and friendships among young people through various exchange events, and promoting “ brother-sisterhood relationship” with East Asian educational institutions , and local government-connected youth support program through the next generation global leader exchange and youth leader training program.